3 Axis DC Milligauss Meter With Probe Gaussmeter/Magnetometer
3-Axis Magnetoresistive Milligauss Meter MR3

Measures vector components (X, Y, Z) and magnitude of static magnetic field with USB datalogging.

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High Stability Single Axis DC Gaussmeter/Magnetometer measuring magnet
DC Gaussmeter Model GM1-HS

The Gaussmeter Model GM1-HS reads moderate-strength static magnetic fields up to 800 G with a resolution of 0.01G. It measures magnetization of ferrous metals, solenoids and the far field of strong magnets

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Single-Axis DC Gaussmeter measuring magnet, 20 kG range
DC Gaussmeter Model GM1-ST

The Gaussmeter Model GM1-ST measures the field of even the strongest magnet (to 20kG) down to fine resolution (0.1G). Features rapid turn-on and fast update.

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Low-Noise Preamplifier (Model LNA10) for use with oscilloscopes
Oscilloscope Preamplifier LNA10

 The LNA 10 oscilloscope preamp will significantly improve the small-signal performance of oscilloscopes at frequencies below 1MHz.  

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Single Axis AC/DC Gaussmeter/Magnetometer measuring a magnet with a Universal ST probe
Gaussmeter Model GM2

Laboratory gaussmeter that reads AC/DC magnetic fields, true peak field, has an alarm and USB datalogging. Maximum range is 30,000 gauss.

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3-Axis DC Gaussmeter/Vector Magnetometer measuring a magnet
Vector/Magnitude Gauss Meter Model VGM

Displays X, Y, Z and magnitude of magnetic field, for rapid mapping and measurement of magnetized materials with optional USB datalogging and an alarm. Maximum range is ±799.99 gauss.

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Ultra Stable Surface Voltmeter Model USSVM2 static electricity
Ultra Stable Surface DC Volt Meter USSVM2

An electrostatic meter, the USSVM2 reads static electricity without contact. It measures voltage on surfaces and can be used to calculate charge density on insulators. It has peak hold and a resolution of 1/10 of a volt on a 20K volt range.

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Air Ion Counter AIC2
Air Ion Counter Model AIC2

The Air Ion Counter Model AIC2 is a Gerdien condenser meter that measures the number of positive negative ions in air, with USB datalogging.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Occasionally, when component volume gets low due to supply chain problems caused by the pandemic we may need to ship AIC2s with blue and white displays. Please rest assured that our AIC2 will continue to be the same quality instrument we have been shipping for years with a slightly different display.

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Surface Voltmeter Model 2 for static electricity
Surface DC Voltmeter SVM2

An electrostatic meter, the SVM2 reads static electricity without contact. It measures voltage on conductive surfaces and can be used to calculate charge density on insulators.

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Air Shipment Milligauss Oersted Meter (ASMGM) and Probe
Air Shipment Milligauss Meter (Oersted Meter)

This meter is used to verify compliance with IATA, IACO, and FAA regulations on magnetism from packages to be shipped by air.

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Battery Impedance Meter BIM
Battery Impedance Meter BIM

The Battery Impedance Meter is designed to read both the conductance (range 10-19,999 siemens) and resistance (0.050 – 19.999 milliohms) of large batteries from 1.2 to 60 volts. (These measurements determine whether the battery needs replacement.)

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DC Milligauss Meter Model DCMGM with probe
DC Milligauss Meter Model MGM

This meter reads weak DC magnetic fields down to 1 nT (.01 mG) with a range of 2 Gauss.

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