Magnetics Devices

Magnetic Field Measurement

Gaussmeters and Milligauss Meters to measure the direction and intensity of small and large magnetic fields.

Oscilloscope PreAmplifier

Laboratory grade low-noise differential probe (preamplifier) for oscilloscopes.

Air Ion Counters

 These devices measure the number of positive / negative ions per cubic centimeter in air from ionizers, radiation, etc.

Static Electricity Measurement

Devices that are used to measure static fields which can be used to identify ESD issues, static charge on an object, high levels of static electricity, and static mitigation effectiveness.

EMF/EMI/RF Measurement

Instruments used to measure electromagnetic pollution (RF, 5G, WiFi, smart meters, cell towers, power line noise and dirty electricity).


Accessories, carrying cases, kickstands, AC adapters, and USB power supplies.

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