Select which device you would like to calibrate.

Calibration Process

  1. Add the calibration to your cart.
  2. During checkout, select the shipping method you would like us to use when we ship your meter back to you after calibration is complete.
  3. Complete the checkout.
  4. Pack your meter, make sure to include any detachable probe(s) that were included with the meter.
  5. Ship your meter to us at this address:
    Attn: Calibration
    AlphaLab, Inc.
    3005 South 300 West
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84115, USA
  6. One of our calibration engineers will generate a new certificate which includes the instrument’s measurement as received, as well as after calibration. As long as no repairs are needed, most of our calibrations are completed within 2 business days.
  7. After calibration, we will send your meter back to you, using the shipping method you selected, including the signed original calibration certificate.
  8. We will keep a copy of your calibration certificate on file for 7 years.

If you have any questions, please call 1-801-487-9492