Air Ion Counter Model AIC2


AIC2 is discontinued, new version available! Click Here for AIC3Pro

The Air Ion Counter Model AIC2 is a Gerdien condenser meter that measures the number of positive negative ions in air, with USB datalogging.


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Product Description:
The Air Ion Counter Model AIC2 is a handheld meter designed to measure ion density – the number of ions per cubic centimeter (ions/cc) in air. It measures this number separately for positive and negative ions (+ and – ions are usually present simultaneously). This instrument is a true ion density meter, based on a Gerdien Tube Condenser design, and it contains a fan which draws air through the meter at a calibrated rate. The unit comes as a dual-range model; AIC2-R1 has selectable maximum ranges of both 2 million and 200 million ions/cc. For comparison, a typical outdoor environment has 100 to 1000 ions/cc, both + and -. The 200 million ions/cc range is suitable for measuring close to electric ionizers or strong radioactive sources.


  • Large Backlit Graphic Display
  • Peak Level Capture
  • Quiet High Q Fan
  • 16-Hour Battery Life
  • AC Power Adapter (included)
  • Data Recording
  • Data Transfer via USB
  • Data Plotting via Included PC Application
Data Recording USB:
The USB Port in conjunction with AlphaApp provides real time ion level data and plotting as well as the ability to upload and plot recorded ion levels. Recording of an ion level can be initiated manually by the user or automatically at intervals of a half a second to 120 seconds. At a 5 second interval, up to 420 hours if data may be stored in the meter nonvolatile memory. See AIC2 instructions for more details.
Air Ion Counter Model AIC2 Operation:
Air is drawn in at the top of the meter, measured, and exits at the bottom. The display shows the ion count within 1 second and it continues to display the ion density in the air, showing any changes within 1 second after they occur. The POLARITY selection determines whether + or – ion density is measured. The meter operates on four AA batteries or an external 6V to 9VDC supply. See AIC2 instructions for more details. Please note: solids do not produce ions unless there is an energy source (such as radioactivity, high voltage or heat above about 600° C). For example, neither tourmaline nor “diodes” produce any ions at room temperature unless radioactive material has been added. However, liquids evaporating can produce ions.
SPECIFICATIONS: Air Ion Counter-10°C to 50°C, Wind Speeds < 15 km/hr (9 mph)
AIC2-R1 Dual-Range


2 million / 10 (ions/cc), 200 million / 1000 (ions/cc)

+/- 20% of reading at 2 million 1000/cc at 200 million +/-2% repeatability
10 ions/cc ( 2, 5 or 14 second averaging selectable )
5.5 digit, present value & peak value simultaneously displayed
Meter Size:
7.6 x 4.0 x 1.8 inches; (165.0 x 94.0 x 76.0 mm)
20 oz (567 g)
(4) AA alkaline (~16 hour life) “Low Battery” indicator
1. The unpredictable nature of ion self-destruction in the air just outside the meter makes more accurate measurement impossible (some ions are lost as air is redirected, positive and negative ions neutralize each other spontaneously, etc.) 

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2 Million Ions/cc, 2 Million Ions/cc & 200 Million Ions/cc


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