Surface Voltmeter Model 2, Static Charge Meter for measuring static electricity
Surface DC Voltmeter SVM2

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An electrostatic meter, the Surface DC Voltmeter (SVM2), also known as a Static Charge Meter, is a handheld static electricity meter that reads static electricity without contact. It measures voltage on conductive surfaces and can be used to calculate charge density on insulators.

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Air Shipment Milligauss Oersted Meter (ASMGM) and Probe
Air Shipment Milligauss Meter (Oersted Meter)

This meter is used to verify compliance with IATA, IACO, and FAA regulations on magnetism from packages to be shipped by air.

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Battery Impedance Meter
Battery Impedance Meter BIM

The Battery Impedance Meter is designed to read both the conductance (range 10-19,999 siemens) and resistance (0.050 – 19.999 milliohms) of large batteries from 1.2 to 60 volts. (These measurements determine whether the battery needs replacement.)

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DC Milligauss Meter Model DCMGM with probe
DC Milligauss Meter Model MGM

This meter reads weak DC magnetic fields down to 1 nT (.01 mG) with a range of 2 Gauss.

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Multi-Axis AC Milligauss Meter/Magnetometer
AC Milligauss Meter UHS2

Gauss meter for precise measurement of AC magnetic fields

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Air ion counter AIC
Air Ion Counter

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The Air Ion Counter is a Gerdien Tube (Gerdien Condenser) meter that measures the number of positive and negative ion in air

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Earth Magnetometer EM2 Front View
Earth Magnetometer EM2

The Earth Magnetometer Model EM2 measures the Earth magnetic field with a resolution of 1nT (1 gamma). This resolution is about 0.002% of the typical Earth field strength. It is used to locate buried magnetic objects or materials.

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Power line monitor, measures noise on AC mains power
Power Line Meter

A power line monitor that displays line noise in mVp-p (peak to peak). AC line noise is commonly referred to as Dirty Electricity, and can be a source of EMI.

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Zero Gauss Chamber
Zero Gauss Chamber

Used to “zero” probes for gaussmeters, the ZGC has a built-in degausser and can achieve < 0.002 gauss in a typical external field.

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Single Channel Analog to USB data logger (Model USB-DL1)
Data Logger USB-DL1

The USB-DL1 is an extremely high dynamic range (24 bit) analog-to-digital converter that is used with a computer via USB port.

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GM2 Standard Transverse Probe
GM2 Standard Transverse Probe

The ST Transverse Probe is an extra thin probe for use with the Gaussmeter Model GM2, that is good for measuring gap configurations.
Maximum Range/Resolution: ±19,999.9 G / 0.1 G; 20kG – 30kG /1G

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GM2 High Stability Axial Probe
GM2 High Stability Axial Probe

The HS Axial is a detachable probe for use with the Gaussmeter Model GM2 that is great for measuring solenoids.
Maximum Range: ±799.99 G
Resolution: 0.01G

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