MicroAlert™ 2


Manufactured in the USA by AlphaLab, Inc.

The MicroAlert 2™ is a receiver that beeps when it detects emission from smart meters, cell phones and towers, microwave ovens, wireless devices, automatic door openers, etc. Designed with very low power consumption, it can stay on continuously for years using a single replaceable battery. The sources of radio emissions can be unexpected and surprising. By placing the MicroAlert 2™ in your pocket, these sources are reveled, along with their strength (in microwatts/square cm).

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A clear, loud beep indicates radio waves stronger than the level you select. If you move closer to the radio source, the beep becomes more frequent, and will ultimately become a solid tone if you move closer still. Or, if you move away from the source, the beeping will stop. Minimum sensitivity is .001 milliwatt per cm2, making it much more sensitive than the radio/microwave section of the TriField® Meter 100XE.

At the highest sensitivity, it will detect a typical cellular phone tower within 300 feet line-of-site, a typical analog cell phone 40 feet away, a digital phone 20 feet away, and a microwave oven (in use) 10-50 feet away. However, you will usually use a less sensitive setting. It’s most sensitive from 100 MHz – 3 GHz.

A control on the side can raise or lower the overall sensitivity. The unit beeps once each time you turn it on to indicate that the battery is good. With the sensitivity on “high”, you’ll be surprised at the places (and times) you find radio/microwaves.

The unit comes with a 3-volt lithium coin battery, which has a typical life of 3 years (assuming it beeps with a typical 10% duty cycle for 10 minutes a day) or a 6-year life if it very rarely beeps. The replacement battery (Lithium type 2032) is available at most drug stores.