There are 2 versions of AlphaApp as we release our latest product (the AIC3Pro)! The latest version has been tested on the AIC3Pro and is ready for use. Until we validate all our other meters in the new version we recommend sticking with v1.0.9. Once we’ve completed our testing we’ll return to our easy one button download and all meters will use the latest version. If you have any issues or require assistance please email

Download version 1.0.9 for all meters EXCEPT the Air Ion Counter Model AIC3Pro.

Download version 1.2.1b FOR the Air Ion Counter Model AIC3Pro.

AlphaLab products are great at measuring various physical quantities (magnetism, electric field, etc.). Now they can do even more! Many of our products come with a data recording option and software. These provide a complete data acquisition solution. Get data from measurement to data files on a PC with a single product.

Supported Products:

Software Description:

AlphaApp is an easy to use software application that provides data logging and data capture capabilities for AlphaLab Inc. meters that have USB capabilities. The easy to use interface gives users the ability to record, download, and stream data from meters to most computers. The data can be viewed on a computer or saved to a text file format easily read by any software with text reading capabilities (i.e., Excel, Matlab, C++, C, etc.).

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10

Features (for meters with data recording option):

  • Tethered Recording – AlphaApp can stream data at varied intervals while connected to a PC.
  • Stand Alone Recording – Data can be uploaded later using AlphaApp. Over 100,000 data points can be stored or re-written repeatedly to non-volatile memory on a meter.
  • Data Plotting – Multiple-axis data can be visualized using line plots.
  • Live Screen – AlphaApp can extend the screen information on the meter to a PC.

 Example of live screen and data plotting operating in tandem with the Vector/Magnitude Gauss Meter Model VGM.


An FTDI driver is include in the install pack and is required to connect over the virtual com port.  The driver can be reviewed and downloaded separately from FTDI’s website. Note: this is shouldn’t be necessary if you use the install pack.

FTDI Virtual COM Port Drivers

Release Notes:

Last UpdatedTitle
12-17-2020AlphaApp Release Note Regarding “Error Loading Buffer” Message

Last Software Edition:

Custom Software Solutions:

The following communication protocol can be used to program your own software using a virtual com port with an FTDI driver.

Program Update Log:

1.0.010-15-2015First Release
1.0.110-20-2015Memory Optimization
1.0.212-9-2015Fixed AIC2 connectivity
Updated installer FTDI driver to v2.12.10
Icons updated, “Stream Period” changed to “Recording Interval”
1.0.31-18-2016Added support for MR3
Fixed an issue causing USB-DL1 units to be saved incorrectly to CSV files
Added a warning dialog that is displayed if USB connection is lost
1.0.43-10-2016Enabled BIM data set downloading
1.0.56-3-2016Improved Data Set download speed for AIC2
1.0.69-2-2016Added progress bar for loading data sets from hdd
Improved loading speed for large data sets
updated packaged FTDI driver to v2.12.18
1.0.711-9-2016Added absolute time option in preferences.
Improved stability for MR3 and AIC2 downloads
1.0.86-30-2017Comm port stability improvement for Windows 10.
Added error message when loading incorrect data files.
1.0.911-3-2020AIC2 scale not showing correctly.
added stability for large file size downloads. 
1.2.1b3-31-2023Initial AIC3Pro support. Support for other units will be integrated.