AIC2 Air Ion Counter Calibration


Calibration of the Air Ion Counter Model AIC2

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AlphaLab, Inc. meters are shipped calibrated to their specifications. Certain meters include a calibration certificate. For most meters a calibration certificate is an option (fee applies). Recalibration for most types of meters is not required within 10 years; however, if a calibration certification compliant with ISO 17025 is required, the meter must be recertified at least once a year in order to remain in compliance with that standard. Accuracy of the meters is guaranteed to within the specifications whether or not a certificate is issued.

For meters that come standard with a calibration certificate, the calibration (and any recalibration) is done according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 using standards within dated calibration intervals. The uncertainty (inaccuracy) of the standards is equal to or less than ¼ of the inaccuracy published for each type of meter. For example, a meter with accuracy (inaccuracy) of ±2% is calibrated with a standard with in accuracy of ±0.5% or less. Standards are traceable to NIST and/or fundamental physical quantities.

We can perform calibrations at any time; each calibration includes a NIST-traceable certificate if applicable. The calibration fees vary between meters (please see fee schedule below). Most calibration services can be performed within one week of receiving the meter. For meters with a detachable probe, the probe and meter should be sent together to AlphaLab. Calibration fee includes the probe and meter together. If additional probes are to be calibrated with a meter, a separate calibration is done for each additional probe. Additional fee applies. Calibration services can only be performed for meters manufactured by AlphaLab, Inc.

Calibration Process

  1. Add the calibration to your cart.
  2. During checkout, select the shipping method you would like us to use when we ship your meter back to you after calibration is complete.
  3. Complete the checkout.
  4. Pack your meter, make sure to include any detachable probe(s) that were included with the meter.
  5. Ship your meter to us at this address:
    Attn: Calibration
    AlphaLab, Inc.
    3005 South 300 West
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84115, USA
  6. One of our calibration engineers will generate a new certificate which includes the instrument’s measurement as received, as well as after calibration. As long as no repairs are needed, most of our calibrations are completed within 2 business days.
  7. After calibration, we will send your meter back to you, using the shipping method you selected, including the signed original calibration certificate.
  8. We will keep a copy of your calibration certificate on file for 7 years.

If you have any questions, please call 1-801-487-9492