Static Electricity

Static Electricity Resources

Surface DC Voltmeter
Measures the static charge on surfaces without contact. Sensitivity is 1V @ 1” (range 30kV).

Ultra Stable Surface DC Voltmeter Model USSVM2  
Measures static charge on surface with extreme sensitivity (down to 0.1 V at 1”)

Air Ion Counter
Independently measures the number of positive and negative ions/cc in the air.

High Resistance Meter
Measures resistance up to 1999.9 G ohms (1.9999 x 1012 ohms) and conductance down to 0.01 pS.

Battery Impedance Meter
Measures both the conductance and resistance of large batteries from 1.2 to 60 volts. is owned by AlphaLab, Inc. 3005 South 300 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 USA