Data Logging USB Stick

Manufactured in the USA by AlphaLab, Inc.

SKU: USBDL1 $140

Product Description:

The USB-DL1 is an extremely high dynamic range (24 bit) analog-to-digital converter that is used with a computer via USB port. Software is included (can be downloaded from Unlimited voltage data can be recorded and imported to spread sheets and documents. A live screen popup of the input voltage is also present. It can be used with other AlphaLab devices that have an analog output jack, or as a standalone data logger for your own application. It has a 1/8” input connector, and can be purchased with a cable that plugs into an AlphaLab meter or a cable with tinned leads to wire into your own application.

Sample frequencies are from 250 mS up to 30 seconds in 9 steps. Single Sample Mode is also available and is controlled from the PC. When in Single Sample Mode, one sample is collected every time the “play” button is pressed in AlphaApp.

The USB-DL1 does not provide Galvanic Isolation. It was designed to allow handheld battery powered devices that have an analog output jack to input that output signal into a computer. If the USB-DL1 is measuring a signal from a device that is plugged into the same power source as the computer (AC outlet), it will create a ground loop. The USB-DL1 will not allow any kind of damage to occur to itself, the device, or the computer; but in this state it will not read accurately. If your application requires the collection of data from a device that is plugged into the same power source as the computer, your measurements will be much more accurate if you purchase a data acquisition device that specifically provides Galvanic Isolation.

·         24 bit ADC provides resolution down to 10 µV
·         Optimized for collecting DC Signals with great precision
·         Fully compatible with AlphaApp and C/C++ drivers found on our website
·         Single-ended analog input accepts positive and negative polarity signals
·         Powered by USB port (used only while plugged into a computer)

Specifications: USB-DL1 Data recording USB Stick
3 DC Ranges:
+/- 1000.00 mV (-1V to +1 V)
10 µ/V
+/- 10.0000 V (-10 V to + 10 V)
100 µV
+/- 20.000 (-20 V to + 20 V)
1 mV
Maximum Voltage:
+/- 20 V
Voltage Accuracy:
+/- 1% of the reading
Timing Accuracy:
+/- 1%
Input Impedance
200 kOhms (all ranges) is owned by AlphaLab, Inc. 3005 South 300 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 USA