Electrostatic Bias Voltage Monitor

Manufactured in the USA by AlphaLab, Inc.

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The quality of electrostatic powder coatings is often improved by connecting the part to high "bias" voltage while powder is being sprayed. With a corona gun, the part should be connected to a voltage of the same polarity as the powder. This assures that the edges of the part do not coat thicker than the flat areas. With a Tribo gun there is weaker attraction, and the part should be at the polarity opposite the powder polarity. This assures that most of the powder coats the part. Typical voltage is between 4 kV and 8 kV for best results.

For fire and shock safety, the current of this bias voltage is generally limited and most such power supplies are not well regulated. Therefore if the work area becomes contaminated, or if a metal object accidentally comes near the part or line (causing an arc), the voltage will be reduced or completely shorted to ground. This will degrade the coating quality and may also burn out the supply. The Electrostatic Bias Voltage Monitor can detect this condition and immediately shut down the system while sounding an alarm. The trigger level (alarm level) can be selected between 0 and 10 kV, and can be changed at any time. The display reads the actual voltage with polarity up to 19.999 kV. A monitor of this type is not included with most powder coating systems, and we can customize it for your system.  It is complete and includes the alarm speaker (not shown) which can be remotely mounted. Warranty is one years.

 Additional information on how to fix various electrostatic problems.

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