Data Recording Option (USB Interface) with AlphaApp

Manufactured in the USA by AlphaLab, Inc.

AlphaLab products are great at measuring various physical quantities (magnetism, electric field, etc.). Now they can do even more! Some of our products can be ordered with a hardware data recording option and software. These provide a complete data acquisition solution. Get data from measurement to data files on a PC with a single product.


Supported Products:

Software Description:

AlphaApp is an easy to use software application that provides data logging and data capture capabilities for AlphaLab Inc. meters that have USB capabilities. The easy to use interface gives users the ability to record, download, and stream data from meters to most computers. The data can be viewed on a computer or saved to a text file format easily read by any software with text reading capabilities (i.e., Excel, Matlab, C++, C, etc.).

Supported Operating Systems:

Features (for meters with data recording option):

Example of live screen and data plotting operating in tandem (with a Vector/Magnitude Gaussmeter):

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AlphaApp is available only as an online download. Some browsers may present content warnings for third party or unknown software and will require override. AlphaLab Inc. is committed to building and maintaining safe and stable software for our customers.

Custom Software Solutions:

The following software support packages provide additional options for USB enabled meters. Packages provide files necessary for DLL type solutions when writing custom software to use streaming meter features. This is particularly useful in custom control solutions where probe placement and data retrieval must be controlled in tandem. Packages are provided as-is to use in custom applications and will require some programming expertise to implement.

Note: Custom software solutions will require some form of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package if not already installed (found here for x86 or here for x64).


If you experience difficulties with AlphApp please read through the help section and frequently asked questions within the help menu of AlphaApp. If your question is still unanswered an email to our software technical support address is the best method of resolution for software problems. Most email inquiries are answered within 1 business day.

 RS-232 Output also available, please call for pricing. is owned by AlphaLab, Inc. 3005 South 300 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 USA